Smart management

Take control of your business

Appointment calendar.

Organise your appointments from any place at at any time in one single calendar. Finally all the information on your appointments in the same place irrespective of their origin.

  • Registering new appointments, modifications or cancellations
  • Recurring appointments
  • Configuration of timetables, services and notifications…
  • Exceptions in timetables with automatic cancellation
  • Allocating roles/permissions
  • Detailed searches, list printing
  • Export to Excel

Aplicaciones Kairos
Notificaciones y recordatorios

Notifications and reminders

Decide which notifications to receive and when. Improve attendance and punctuality by sending system-driven, automated reminders by email or text messages right in time and in the way it best suits your customer and yourself. Streamline and optimize communication for absolute clarity, and status information for changes or updates.

  • Sending unlimited e-mails free of charge
  • Personalised signatures
  • SMS reminders (charged per message)
  • Programming the sending time

Graphs and statistics

Reports and graphs provide analytical data on your customers for segmentation and better service, improving business intelligence and strategy definition.

  • Data in real time
  • Overall perspective about your business
  • Export to Excel

Aplicación Kairos - Sección estadísticas
Aplicaciones Kairos - Sección clientes

Get to know your customers better

Customer profiles link people to their history, related phone calls, notes and emails, so that customer relationships become visible immediately and are connected to each appointment.

  • Appointment history
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Call SMS and e-mails register...
  • Related clients (relatives, etc.)

Making an appointment online

With Kairos365SCH, your customers have full visibility of available slots in your agenda and can make their appointments autonomously at any time of the day.

  • 24/7 access
  • From any connected device
  • Embedded on your website

Aplicaciones Kairos para usuarios finales
Website Reserva online

Integration, add-ons

Make the most of Kairos365SCH by connecting it to your work tools.

  • Synchronise your appointments with other calendars (Google, Live, Outlook…)
  • Visibly displayed and embedded on your website
  • Booking widget
  • Integration API

Call centre service

Focus on more relevant and profitable taks and cut costs by outsourcing your customer service lines.

  • Schedule appointments over the telephone with your online agenda
  • Totally transparent for your users
  • Proactive appointment confirmation by our call centre
  • Information service for your customers and users