The online reservation and appointment solution made for companies and institutions.

Kairos365SCH is the online appointment management solution you need for your business! It allows your customers to schedule appointments or reservations through any channel, such as your website, social media, from any device or any place and at any time. Find out how we can help you!

Take control of your agenda.

Consolidate, manage and control all your appointments and reservations including related information (customer profiles, history, relevant details) in one single platform, from any incoming channel (social media, ads, website, personal contacts).

A solution for any need for an appointment or a reservation.
Con Kairos365SCH you can meet all your needs for appointments and reservations, for personal or virtual service delivery. This solution fits any company, public body, independently of size or type of activity.

Reminder of your appointment. 16/06/2016 at 09:00 with Dra. Elvira Santos. Avda. José Antonio 21, Suances, Cantabria. 620620620 .

Automated notifications and reminders for you and your customers.

Reminders by e-mail and SMS text messages.
Improve attendance and punctuality by sending system-driven, automated reminders by email or text messages right in time and in the way it best suits your customer and yourself. Streamline and optimize communication for absolute clarity, and status information for changes or updates.

Understand your business completely and improve decision-making.

Kairos365SCH allows you to access all information about your daily activities in real time. Reports and graphs provide analytical data to help you understand your business better, supportdecision-making and define new strategies.

Lola´s agenda David´s agenda 0 20 30 40 1 8 2 9 25% 38% 75% 82%
THU 16/06/2016 FRI 17/06/2016 MON 13/06/2016 TUE 14/06/2016 WED 15/06/2016 09:00 09:45 10:30 11:15 09:00 09:45 10:30 11:15 09:00 09:45 10:30 11:15 09:00 09:45 10:30 11:15 09:00 09:45 10:30 11:15 APPOINTMENT

Offers customers and citizens a new system for online reservations and appointments.

If you want to offer an online reservation or appointment service, you're in luck.
Configure your capacity and your schedule among others, the services you provide during these slots, optionally assigning a duration to your slots.

This allows your customers to select and reserve the services you offer. All this can be done online from any computer, tablet, or smartphone… and whenever and from wherever you want.

Focus on your clients and your business and not about answering the phone.


So that you only have to worry about the important things.
Through our Telephone Assistance Service, our Call Centre, specialized in appointment scheduling tends to your customers’ special requests for appointments: in a personal, clear and professional way. They will also provide any relevant information on your business, products and services, and notify you of any additional needs your customers might have.

Many of the clients of Kairos365 are taking advantage of this great cost-efficient service.

Some of our clients

Páginas Amarillas
Banco Santander
Grupo Telefónica
Auna Perú
Hospital Beata
Comité paraolímpico español
Cualtis prevención
Ibersys prevención
Grupo MásMovil
Ayuntamiento de Santander
Sura seguros

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